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Considerations and Practicalities for Returning Employees to Work During a Pandemic

Article Link: https://www.hklaw.com/en/insights/publications/2020/05/considerations-and-practicalities-for-returning-employees-to-work By: Erika Royal | Valerie E. Brown | Rachel C. Shim | Phillip M. Schreiber Uncertainty surrounding when employers might return employees to work has given way to uncertainty about how to do so. Employers who are considering reopening in the coming weeks will be faced with a dramatically different workplace and…
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5 Steps To Reopen Your Workplace, According To CDC’s Latest Guidance

Article Link: https://www.fisherphillips.com/resources-alerts-5-steps-to-reopen-your-workplace-according The Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) just released guidance to assist employers in making decisions regarding reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides continuing to follow the recommendations issued by state and local health departments when determining the most appropriate actions to take, you should pay particular attention to these five steps. 1. Consider…
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Going Back to Work While COVID-19 Is Still Spreading

Article Link: https://www.consumerreports.org/coronavirus/going-back-to-work-while-covid-19-is-still-spreading/ By: Laura Entis Many people in the U.S.—including doctors, nurses, bus drivers, and grocery clerks—have not stopped working throughout the coronavirus pandemic. But among the millions of others who have been furloughed or teleworking for a month or more, some are now being asked to return to work. That’s especially true in…
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